The Season of Giving

What are you thankful for?

In just a few days, you  and yours may be asked this before digging into your turkey and stuffing. Your family might already have a specific Thanksgiving tradition: Do you pull apart the wishbone together? Do you go around the table and share what you’re thankful for? Or, maybe you watch football while carefully carving into your tofurky, expertly molded into your best bird shape? (We call dibs on the tofrumstick!) Whatever your tradition, Auction Frogs challenges you, your family, and your friends to start a new one with us. As a community, let’s put the GIVING back in Thanksgiving.

Whether small or large, your contributions to your community go a long way. There are so many great non-profit organizations out there on a mission to help those in need. From food banks and shelters, to animal rescues and environmental causes, you can get involved in changing the world right from your own cozy living room.

Want to get involved with great non-profit organizations AND win cool swag? Maybe even find some great deals on your holiday shopping? Enter Auction Frogs.

Did you know that ANY auction with a “View Now!” link listed on our Current Benefit Events page is open to the public? That means anyone can participate in bidding! You could win that surfboard you’ve been eyeing in secret, and finally learn how to hang ten, all while helping out a great non-profit organization in the process.


So let’s make this Thanksgiving about giving back this holiday season.


There are many, many auctions out there, folks, and we encourage you to check out our Current Benefit Events and find an auction that speaks to you.

We can make a difference, and it starts today!