3 Tips for Promoting Your Auction With Social Media

When it comes to exposure for your online auction, social media is the place to start. Posts on your social media accounts are always free, and they have the power to reach a large audience of your supporters. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram should be your #1 fundraising method in promoting your online auction. Simply utilize whatever social media accounts your organization has active and maximize your fundraising efforts!

Here are 3 quick (and easy!) social media tips:

Create posts for specific items. This works really well because it gets your audience interested by giving them a sneak peak at what is in your auction. You can pique their curiosity with teaser posts. Perhaps you only snap a photo of the corner of an item, or you hint at a destination package but don’t give all the details. Whatever your tactic, make sure you link each post to your online auction page. When they click through to get all the details of your featured item, they are likely to browse the other auction pieces you have, as well. This strategy works even in the days leading up to an event and entices viewers to visit the page to bid once the auction is live. 

Create a Facebook Event page for your online auction. Setting up an event on Facebook allows you to invite people to your event, which then gives them notifications whenever you post updates on the event page or share featured auction items. When you are setting up all the little details for your event, make the location be the URL (or web address/link) of your online auction. This gives your audience easy access to the online auction for a preview or to start bidding once the event is live. Facebook will even automatically notify invitees the event is coming up as the date gets closer. With this strategy in play, you’re sure to see a flood of visitors to your online event!  

Share, share, share! Reach out and ask your followers to share your online auction posts through all your social media accounts. Just one share from a community influencer can turn that one supporter into an audience of several hundred! Each share will substantially expand your reach. This is a great way to get the word out to the masses with the help of the people who already know you and are proud to help you maximize your impact. 

Online auctions are, well, online! So why not use the online power of social media to reach your fundraising goals? When you implement each of the three tips we’ve outlined above, you will see considerable traffic to your auction site and boost the power of your fundraising efforts. This not only ensures you reach your goals, but empowers your organization to make an incredible impact on the people you serve. 
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