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Our friends (primatesand humans) at Save the Chimps are back for their fourth auction and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve fallen in love with these furry hominids, even though their sanctuary is clear across the United States from us. If you’ve never taken a look at their site, stroll on over to meet the chimps. We dare you not to fall in love with those faces! After reading the fun parts, like their favorite snack and activity, be sure to note where they were rescued from and their special needs. A large number of chimps have been rescued from medical testing facilities, where after years of invasive tests and surgeries, they’ve been left in need of special care.

Save the Chimps was founded in 1997 by Dr. Carole Noon for retired Air Force chimps. Soon thereafter, they purchased 150 acres in Florida that would become the sanctuary. Today, that sanctuary is home to 253 chimpanzees. Happy chimpanzees, we should add! They have space to roam and climb, interact and socialize; no more cages and cement boxes to call home. The chimps receive proper nutrition and medication. Many require special diets and supplements because of the improper care they received prior to coming to the sanctuary. All of the medical supplies, food, toys and upkeep can be costly, which is why we’re so happy Save the Chimps is back for their fourth auction.


The Save the Chimps Online Auction opened today and will stay open until July 24th, with proceeds going directly to the chimps and their needs. In the auction, you’ll find one-of-a-kind art from the chimps. We even have a past painting in the Auction Frogs conference room! On top of the art, swag, gifts and memorabilia, they also have behind the scenes experiences at the sanctuary. From private tours to shadowing a vet, these are truly amazing experiences! Whatever you may decide to bid on or donate to, keep in mind the annual cost to care forone chimpanzee is a staggering $16,000! Let’s help them raise the funds to continue to care for their chimps and rescue more!

We’ll leave you with this quote from Triana Romero, the Director of Communications for Save the Chimps. When askedof her favorite moment with the chimps she replied,

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