Are you missing out on donor dollars?

All the steps that go along with fundraising can sometimes be dauntingbut don’t let that discourage you! We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a clear game plan for your fundraising approach. Part of that plan should be identifying your ideal donors.

Start with your inner circle. These are the big supporters, people you can depend on. They donate annually, come to the events or volunteer opportunities, or are closely involved with the organization. Next, get together with your team and/or board to list out contacts. Use those networking skills! Have everyone commit to reaching out to ten friends, family or associates. Lastly, plan your public approach. Do you have a newsletter or mailing list? Reach out to everyone on that list. Don’t forget social media! Take advantage of your internet audience with public posts and ask your followers to share. This will open up your request to a larger audience. If you are a cause organization, families of members or participants are going to be the most passionate because they are directly affected by yourcause. Ask them to share the word on their social media profiles and include why it’s important to them.

Make sure your message is clear. Why should they care? Where will funds go? What is the deadline? How can people donate? These questions should be answered without your potential donor having to look for it. Don’t overlook those that you may think don’t have the means to donate, either. Present the opportunity and let them decide if they can give. Sometimes you’d be surprised! If you are from an organization with different chapters or know of neighboring counties with similar causes, reach out to them. Ask them to reach out to their audience in their newsletter, at their next chapter meeting or on social media.

Once you have the donor, don’t forget about them! Keep them involved by (first and foremost) thanking them andletting them know where their donation went to help. Include them in newsletters and volunteer opportunities. If you’re hosting a gala or event, make sure they’re invited. Connect with them over social media.

Finally, don’t forget common resources in your area. Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and churches shouldn’t be overlooked. Many have donations and funding set aside in their budget for community involvement. Don’t leave any stone unturned!

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