Best Items for an Online Auction

Online Auction Items

Whether it’s your first auction adventure or you’re a fundraising pro, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind what the best auction items for an online auction would be. While the results of any fundraising event will always be dependent on your bidding audience, procuring unique auction items and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else will always help bring in those bids!


When gathering your online auction items, try to think outside of the box. Travel and adventure experiences such as horseback riding, rafting trips, camping, behind the scenes tour, or “for a day” can be a great addition to a package. Throw in a gift card to dinner and a movie/sporting event or ballet. Service certificates are also a great item to offer in your online auction. An oil change, car wash, house cleaning or yard landscaping, would all be a great gift idea for an elderly family member. Create a great date night package with a pre-planned night out. This can include a hot air balloon ride, dinner, and a movie.


Try to avoid items that need to be tried on or seen in person. Artwork, for example, will sell better at a live event. Bidders like to have the ability to look closely at what will display on their wall, or see the finish on the frame. This will be the same case for jewelry and clothing. These items sell better at a live event because guests can try them on and feel the fabric. Household items are always a must have, but try to avoid selling these items online unless they have been bundled in a basket. For example, create a “cleaning basket” with a certificate for a maid service, together with sponges, an apron, cleaning sprays and chocolates.


While you are collecting auction items, always keep your audience in mind. Don’t forget to seek out donors and items that are related to your fundraiser. Your audience will be supporters of your cause and normally have similar interests. Remember to keep things interesting and creative! Looking for some inspiration? See what other Auction Frogs clients are listing by visiting our Current Benefits page!


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