3 Tips for Promoting Your Auction With Social Media

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When it comes to exposure for your online auction, social media is the place to start. Posts on your social media accounts are always free, and they have the power to reach a large audience of your supporters. Facebook, LinkedIn, …

How many silent auction items should you have at your event?

First, ask yourself a few important questions: How many guests are youexpecting at your event? You don.t want to have more silent auctionitems then you have guests able to bid on them! You want to generatecompetition between guests so that …

Silent Auction Sections, Good or Bad Idea?

We often hear from our clients: “Should I assign sections to my silent auction?”

That all depends on the format of your silent auction! You want your guests to see and have the opportunity to bid on any silent auction …

Popular Items to Feature in an Online Auction

We often get asked.what are the best items to feature in my online auction?

  • Tickets to sporting events or theater.
  • Popular electronics, i.e. iPod, iPad, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
  • Gift certificates for a specialty food items, i.e., cookie

Spring Fundraising Ideas

  • FUN RUN/JOG-A-THON: Send out donation envelopes (pledge per lap or flat donation.) If pledge is per lap, it will require some follow up with writing letters asking for payment. Hand out bracelets to students every lap they make. It’s incentive