Changing Lives, One Wish At A Time

Doug Raper, Founder of Wish Granters

Doug Raper, Founder of Wish Granters

There’s nothing easy about dealing with a terminal illness or disease. In a time that is most difficult for terminally ill individuals and their families, one organization makes it their sole purpose to give them something to smile about.Wish Granters does just that — grants wishes to adults with terminal illnesses in Ada and Canyon Counties here in Idaho.

Doug Raper, Founder of Wish Granters, is no stranger to granting wishes. As the Executive Director for over 8 years to an organization that granted wishes for children with terminal illnesses, he realized there was a lack of programs for adults. With that realization came a desire to fill the need.

Wish Granters was started in 2010. Since then, they’ve granted 230 Wishes with 15 more pending completion. Doug keeps scrapbooks of the wishes in his office, his walls adorned with photos and mementos of thankful families. It’s clear that Wish Granters has positively impacted many lives, especially at a time that will most likely be the hardest thing that family goes through. You’d be surprised at the simplicity of some of the wishes! From a new roof or woodshed for their family, to one last dinner out with the love of their life, sometimes the smallest wish can mean the world.

As with most non-profits, regular funding is the biggest struggle for Wish Granters. Through grant writing, special events, memorial funds and donations, Wish Granters is able to complete wishes for Ada and Canyon County. Doug and his ten Board Members hope to expand to neighboring counties and eventually the whole state, but that requires more resources.

That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to feature Wish Granters in our first annual Auction Frogs Gives Back Benefit Auction. Together with Wish Granters, we’ve planned quite the Online Auction! From outdoor enthusiasts, sports fans, home chefs and shopaholics, there’s something for everyone! The best part is 100% of the proceeds go to granting more wishes! You can donate directly to the cause, too. The auction opens this Monday, November 16th.

Have a look around, register for the auction and get your bid pants ready! The auction closes November 30th at 8pm with Bid Wars going until the heated competition cools.

Remember, your support goes a long way for Wish Granters. Share the auction with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to help it reach farther. Together we can help Wish Granters continue to change lives!



Special thanks to everyone that donated items for the auction. YOU are phenomenal!



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