Event Tips and Tricks

We here at Auction Frogs have been to our fair share of fundraising events. It is a lot of work to put together one of these events and it is easy to overlook some of the essentials. Below is a list of our own tips to make sure your event runs smoothly:

  • WI-FI– Nothing is worse than showing up to the venue and realizing that you do no have a reliable internet connection. Make sure to send someone out to the event site a few days in advance to test the internet connection so that if it doesn’t work you can come up with another solution.
  • CASH BOX– You would be surprised by how many people forget to bring a cash box to the event. Even if you are accepting credit cards many people prefer to pay with cash or check. The last thing you want is to have cash being stuffed into random folders or just floating around the check out area. Make sure you have a secure place to store the cash and bring some extra so you have change for customers.
  • CATALOG NUMBERS– When hosting a silent auction it is very important to make sure that all items have a catalog number. Make sure the catalog number is not only on the bid sheet, but also on the item itself so you can identify the item after the bid sheets have been pulled. This will also help distinguish between similar items.
  • OFFICE SUPPLIES– You can never go wrong with too many office supplies, so stock up! Make sure you have enough pens, sharpies, post-its, staplers and printer paper available for the event. Pens go missing all the time, so be sure to have twice as many as you think you need!
  • PARTICIPATE!– You put a lot of work into planning your event, you deserve to enjoy it! Make sure you allow yourself time to eat, mingle and dance!

Do you have tips from your event that you would like to share? We would love to hear them! Send your tips to support@auctionfrogs.org!

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