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Supplement your Online Auction with a live-streamed event to boost engagement and maximize your fundraising efforts.

About Virtual Events

In the context of auctions and fundraising, a Virtual Event hosted by Auction Frogs provides the engagement factor for your Online Auction. It is the piece you cannot replicate with a simple webpage. A Virtual Event finds its footing on the middle ground between online fundraising and in-person auction events and galas. It supplements the functionality of your Online Auction with a live, Virtual Event to boost engagement and maximize your fundraising efforts.

Virtual Event Production

How it Works

We make it as simple as possible for you and your fundraising team. You start with an Online Auction page with Auction Frogs. From there, we schedule a Virtual Event at the close of your auction, and we create a Facebook Event page that you share with your audience. At the time of your Virtual Event, you choose a representative from your organization to deliver a live message to your supporters. Our team handles the rest!

You would work with our team to highlight auction items, pre-record audio messages with designated sponsors and donors, and provide engaging content like interviews with supporters who call in to donate. Our emcee can also share stories about your organization to motivate your audience to give. It’s the next best thing to an in-person event, and it’s an incredible way to leverage innovation and technology for fundraising.

Online shopping

Benefits of Virtual Events

Quick and easy to set up and manage

Engage with supporters miles, states, or even countries apart

Maintain your fundraising momentum

Build awareness, engagement, and recognition

Maximize your social network to increase revenue generated

Built for Every Event


Each online benefit event site will have a custom branded look, finished with an Auction Frogsdesigner.s touch! Content management tools are available to develop event-specific messaging, create custom navigation tabs and pages, include event information, and recognize sponsors.


Elevate your fundraiser by including one-of-a-kind travel packages in your auction! Experiential travel is always a top-selling auction item, and each package is offered at a no-risk basis. You keep 100% of the profit. For specific questions or to reserve Experiences for your event, click here.


In place of the traditional Standard Bidding, ease the experience with Auto Bidding or spice things up with Bid WarsTM! Previewing Gala Event Items on your site? Collect Absentee bids on your Live Items, and offer your guests Pre-bidding on your Silent Item Catalog.


Track your auction activity before, during, and after your event. Capture Donor History, Item & Bidder Activity, Fund-a-Need Donations, and Payment History just to skim the surface. Each reportcan easily be exported, and you keep control of your database, never losing access to archived reports.


When working with Auction Frogs, always by your side.Your dedicated Auction Engineerwill be there to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure you get the most out of our suite of tools. here to share our knowledge and experience to help you and your fundraiser succeed.


Auction Frogs has partnered with iATS Payments to provide simple online payment processing. With over 20 years of experience processing donations for the nonprofit community, their expertise is unmatched. iATS is the only payments provider in the world focused exclusively on nonprofits. They understand the needs of nonprofits and are dedicated to the growth and sustainability of your community.

How it Works


We create your custom Online Auction page and a Facebook Event where we will broadcast your Virtual Event with Facebook Live.

Production Team

Your expert support team consists of Auction Frogs staff, Cory Michels Emcee and former radio host, and Brad Elsberg Videographer (Elsberg Studios) to coordinate your event timing, flow, content, and pre-recorded audio and video.

We would happily work with you and your own team (emcee/coordinator/auctioneer) as needed to produce this event, our staff has experience and knowledge to aid in your success.

Event Studio

Our Production Team films onsite at the Lake Harbor Event Center in Boise for beautiful imagery during your Virtual Event.

You can participate from anywhere in the world through video conferencing!

Virtual Event Bidding Styles

Standard Bidding

Standard Bidding is just that, the standard. Those wishing to bid on an item place bids for the next minimum amount at that time.

When they are outbid by another, they will receive an outbid notification by either email or text alerting them and asking them to come back to place another bid.

Bid WarsTM

Bid WarsTM provides a unique opportunity to maximize online auction revenue. When an online auction closes, the winning bids go to the bidders who were lucky enough to place the last bid. Sometimes, those items are still well under value and may have gone for more given more time.

With Bid WarsTM, if an item receives a bid during the final moments of the online auction, the item enters a “Bid War” and the close time for each item will be extended. Competition will only cease once no bids have been placed for 10 minutes.

Auto Bidding

Auto-Bidding allows the system to bid for your bidders! Easy and convenient, no need to keep coming back to the online auction to place another bid when outbid! Your bidders can just enter their maximum desired bid limit and incremental bids will be placed on their behalf up to their max bid!

After a bidder’s maximum bid is reached and their max is out-bid, they will be notified so that they can place a new Auto Bid or incremental bids.

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