Service Agreement & Intake Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What should our Website Name be?

Auction Frogs lists all of our client’s Public and Private event sites under the Current Events tab on our company website. Here, and on search engine returns, is where the title or name of your event site will display. We encourage you to use a name that both identifies your organization and your event, such as “Shadow Hills Elementary Annual Online Auction.”

We are a 501c3, so why is there a Sales Tax question?

Even though you may be exempt from paying certain state or federal taxes under your 501c3 status, that does not necessarily mean that your organization is also exempt from collecting sales tax on items that you resell in an auction. Please check with your state or county tax commission to determine whether or not you will need to report your item sales and sales tax collected after the conclusion of your event. In the event that you determine you will be assessing and collecting sales tax on your auction items, you can enter in your state or county sales tax percentage on this form, and we will make including sales tax on your auction item listings available.

Do we have to include "afrogs.org" in our page url?

Yes, “afrogs.org” is included in the URL for all of the subdomains we build and licence to our clients. However, you are certainly welcome to purchase a custom URL through a service such as GoDaddy. Once purchased, you are able to redirect your custom URL to the URL that Auction Frogs builds into your event site.

Our fundraiser isn't themed, so what should we enter?

It’s okay if you are unsure about what to enter for this questions at the time you submit the Intake Form, and you’re welcome to say as much for your answer. Many of our clients have Auction Frogs theme their event site to mirror their main website’s design. Or, in the event that their event theme has not yet been determined, Auction Frogs can enter a basic color scheme and logo until they are sure of what their event theme will be. In other words, don’t fret. We can work with you at any point in the process to design your site, when you’re ready to do so.

What are the different Online Auction Bidding Styles?

Auction Frogs offers three distinct Online Auction bidding styles to choose from:

  • Standard Bidding is just that, the standard. Those wishing to bid on an item place bids for the next minimum amount at that time. When they are outbid by another, they will receive an outbid notification by either email or text alerting them, and asking them to come back to place another bid.
  • Bid Wars provides a unique opportunity to maximize online auction revenue. Historically, when an online auction closes, the .winning bid. on a hot item goes to the bidder who was lucky enough to place the last highest bid. Sadly, sometimes those items are still well under their value and may have gone for more if bidders had more item. But, with Bid Wars.if an item receives a bid during the final moments of the online auction, the item enters a “Bid War.. The close time for each item in a “Bid War” will be extended and bidding competition will only cease once no bids have been placed for 10 minutes.
  • Auto Bidding allows bidders to enter their maximum bid, and have the system place incremental bids on their behalf without needing to frequently revisit the auctionsite. If or when their maximum bid is outbid, they will be notified with the option to place a new maximum bidor place standard incremental bids.

Is Absentee Bidding or Pre-Bidding an option?

Auction Frogs does offer both an Absentee Bidding feature on Live Auction Items and a Pre-Bidding feature on Silent Auction items that can be utilized through your event site prior to your gala event. These options are not referenced on this form, as clients are able to control which items allow Absentee Bidding or Pre-Bidding versus being set as a global feature:

  • Absentee Bidding allows interested bidders who are unable to attend your gala event the ability to view Live Auction Items online, as well as enter the highest amount they are willing to pay for the item as an Absentee Bid. Once Absentee Bidding is closed, clients are able to download the Absentee Bid Report and bid on behalf of the Absentee Bidders at the Live Auction.
  • Pre-Bidding allows you to start your Silent Auction Item bidding off online, and then finish the bidding at your gala event.Take Silent Auction Item preview up a notch and accept bids in an online environment. Once Pre-Bidding ends, current high bids are automatically transferred to customized Bid Sheets for printing.