How many silent auction items should you have at your event?

First, ask yourself a few important questions: How many guests are youexpecting at your event? You don.t want to have more silent auctionitems then you have guests able to bid on them! You want to generatecompetition between guests so that items reach their bidding potential!With your guest list and attendance goals in mind, plan for one to two silentauction items per guest.

If you find you have more items then 2 per guest consider bundling itemstogether or host and online auction event prior to and post your event.Items that can get overlooked at your silent auction, i.e., gift certificates,event tickets, gift cards etc. often receive higher bids online! Promote theonline auction at the event and to your database of supporters, attractingsupporters who were not able to attend or did not .win. an item at theevent.

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