Introducing Leap University:

A New Learning Management System From Auction Frogs

Leap University is an innovative learning management system that helps you navigate our Online Auction programs, Virtual Event solutions, fundraising technology, and more — And it is now accessible to all our clients!

This unique tool allows you to:

  • Centralize information,
  • Update and retrieve useful tips at a time that’s convenient for YOU,
  • And outline and track successful fundraising steps.

Leap University makes getting answers and ideas easier than ever! 

Access How To tutorials, view frequently asked questions, complete training activities on the administrative panel, and discover tips for auction success. Our user-friendly website even tracks your progress as you complete each training. 

Leap University


Since releasing our Virtual Event solution earlier this year, we’ve helped our clients reimagine the partnership between storytelling and fundraising in the virtual world. We discovered what planning is needed and how a successful event takes shape, and Leap University makes it easy for us to share this information with our clients and guide you to hosting impactful and engaging Virtual Events.

Through the learning management system, you can “meet” our production team, learn filming tricks, and get marketing and promotion inspiration. Leap University also enhances the Online Auction planning experience. Meet timely goals (virtually stress-free!) by browsing through our Online Auction tips, How To’s, and guides. 

Alongside our supportive Auction Engineers, Leap University makes it straightforward and easy to put together an online fundraising event. Learn more about our solutions and get connected with our team of experts by emailing or call us at 208-321-5515.

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