Lowbrow Fundraising

As a non-profit, you know how important fundraising events can be. But what type of things will set you apart from other organizations? How can you turn an okay event into a successful event? What fresh new ideas can help you reap in the rewards?

We’re here to help! Each month we’ll provide a new idea for you to try. We’d love to hear how it went and if we can help out in any way at all.

Go Lowbrow:

Need to plan a gala but you’re running out of time? Try going lowbrow. Going lowbrow is a fun alternative way to turn a heavily organized gala into a fun casual event. Invite the same supporters you would to your annual gala but instead tell them that this year you’re trying something different and want to use the money raised (and saved) from this event to benefit your mission. Instead of holding that fashionable cocktail party or having a dinner at a high end hotel, try hosting out of a barn and serve hot dogs and beer from a local pub with a catchy barn theme. You can still charge the same prices for tickets while saving money on a large event. If successful, it might be fun to alternate years – gala one year, barn party the next year. In doing this, your supporters can choose the event they look forward to.

Host a VIP cocktail hour for you future sponsors. Simple really, invite them to your location or restaurant happy hour with hosted appetizers and beverages then meet and mingle with your board and ambassadors. This is a casual way to engage your sponsors and supporters and share with them about the upcoming programs you have to offer for sponsorships opportunity in a casual environment with no pressure. Consider doing this 3-6 months before your event.

Check back next month for catchy and humorous themes!

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