Maximize Your Fundraising with Easy Mobile Bidding

How would your auction change if participants could bid by utilizing smartphones and tablets instead of paper bid sheets? Auction Frogs has exciting Mobile Bidding technology, which allows event attendees to securely browse, bid, and even pay for auction items directly from their mobile devices! Not only does this streamline the process for your event, but it makes it simpler for bidders to be directly involved with the auction, providing them with real-time updates and the chance to ensure they take home their most desired items. 

How does Mobile Bidding work?

When your attendees arrive at the event, they check in with your auction team, just as they usually would. Along with their bid number, they will also receive a simple pin number that they will use as their password to your mobile bidding site. Once your volunteer or Auction Frogs representative clicks “check-in” for your attendees, they will receive a text sent straight to their cell phone with the link to log into your mobile bidding site. While your guests walk around the tables that would usually be crowded with pens and sheets of paper, they simply select an item they’re interested in and click “Bid” on their smartphones to place a custom bid. When they are outbid by another, they receive a notification by either email or text (based on their set preferences), which asks them to come back to place another bid.     

Why is this technology so successful?            

This is extremely beneficial to your auction for a number of reasons. First, it allows you to streamline registration. You only need to request your bidder’s email address and cell phone number, and then give them their bid and pin numbers. You may require your guests to enter the rest of their information through the mobile site when they log in with their smart device. This gives you all the information you need to reconcile the charges and distribute items at the end of the auction, while also making the check-in process efficient and painless. 

Secondly, Mobile Bidding technology helps your organization throughout the night. Instead of closing bidding during dinner and speeches like most standard auctions do, you can leave it open for mobile interactions. You can have your silent auction happening all night! Eliminating the need for your attendees to get up and walk over to the auction area, Mobile bidding gives your supporters the ability to bid all throughout the evening from the comfort of their seats. 

And finally, when the night comes to an end, your attendees are able to pay straight from their smartphones and pick up their items immediately. This eliminates a long, stressful pickup and payment process that other events often have. You are left with happy bidders who have been able to efficiently and easily support your event without having to worry about being unknowingly outbid. 

Mobile Bidding is a true win-win for both your organization and your attendees, and it is sure to maximize your fundraising efforts!

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