Meet Amy

Amy is our newest intern fromTaiwan by way of Boise State University.We’re excited to have her on the team andenjoy her sunny disposition and presence in the office! Read on to hear a little more about her…

Where are you from?

I am from Taiwan, a beautiful island in Asia. Due to Taiwain’s location, we have plenty of tropical fruits and special local food. People in Taiwan are friendly and hospitable; we welcome everyone to our Formosa! Before I came to the United States, I studied the International Business Administration Program for two years in the International Trade Institute (ITI) which is located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. It is an intensive program which combines business courses and English courses. It is designed to train professionals who are able to work independently abroad in the field of international trade. Furthermore, ITI is the training arm of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), a government institution created to improve and develop international trade in Taiwan.

How long will you be in the U.S.?

I will stay in the U.S. for three months. In the first two months, I will do my internship with Auction Frogs in Boise, Idaho. After my internship, I will travel around in the U.S. from the western coast to the eastern coast. It will be a fantastic journey to explore those places that I have never been before.

What program are you doing with BSU?

I participate in the ITI and Boise State University Internship Program. This is a program where 19 students do internships in 17 different companies in Boise. In order to implement our language and business skills that we learn from ITI, we cooperate with BSU to have the opportunity to work at the western companies. Moreover, we live with host families in Boise to experience different cultures and food. From this internship, we can not only gain business knowledge from our host company, but also enjoy different cultures from our host family.

Favorite thing so far from Boise?

My favorite thing so far from Boise is the Huckleberry wine that is produced from Idaho. When I first arrived here, my host family let me try the huckleberry wine and I immediately loved it! I can taste the fruit flavor of it but it is not too sweet like I thought it might be.

What will you be presenting at the ITI Cultural Fair next week?

At the ITI Cultural Fair, I will introduce one of the famous festivals in Taiwan, called Lantern Festival. It is an annual event in Taiwan where we celebrate the Lantern Festival in lunar calendar after 15 days of our Chinese New Year. Furthermore, it is a festival that people will hang lanterns of variety of sizes or shapes in the streets for wishing safety. Therefore, I will not only tell about the story of the Lantern Festival, but also teach people how to make their own lanterns to pray for their safety.

We’re honored to be a part of such a great program that provides us with a unique opportunity to get to know someone from across the globe! We had so much fun with Amy at the ITI Cultural Fair learning about her home country and customs. Next year we’ll win that chopstick challenge!

Fun at the Cultural Fair!

Fun at the Cultural Fair!





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