Mobile Bidding: Reach High, Raise More

Auction Frogs has announced exciting Mobile Bidding technology, which works by utilizing smartphones and tablets instead of paper bid sheets. This allows event attendees to securely browse, bid, and even pay for auction items directly from their phones and mobile devices.

Curious how it works in action? Just ask the Boosters from Boise High School about their recent experience. Their Annual Gala is much more than just a signature event it’s their largest fundraiser. But, like many traditional galas that feature a dinner, a speaker, and a silent auction, Boise High School had a problem they didn’t even realize; each year they left valuable fundraising dollars on the table. The reason was pretty straightforward. While guests are enjoying their meal and socializing, they weren’t bidding on auction items.

That all changed when Boise High School implemented Auction Frogs Mobile Bidding technology for their 2017 Annual Gala. Auction Frogs technology allows anyone whether at the event or not to browse, track, and bid on items from a computer or smart device.

“Mobile bidding is the most exciting development in fundraising in years,” explains Auction Frogs Chief Technology Officer, Scoti Hahn. “It engages attendees in powerful new ways, and that means more energy and more dollars. Even more importantly,” Hahn points out, “this technology increases attendee engagement and reduces the number of volunteer hours it takes to manage the event.”

For Boise High School Event Coordinator Rhoda Brunelli, Auction Frogs Mobile Bidding technology meant increased fundraising revenues. “We exceeded our prior gala’s sales and doubled our paddle up portion,” Brunelli grins. If you were bidding on an item and someone outbid you, you were notified immediately by text. If you and a friend entered into a bidding war, you could keep up from across the room. And to help ensure you didn’t miss the item you really wanted, a text was sent out to let you know when the auction was closing. This made for a very enjoyable evening free of bid sheet hovering.

The result was a fun and engaging evening for Boise High’s guests; which translated into more dollars they could use to fund two-years worth of program needs and the added bonus of funding a new campus-wide PA system.

Founded in 2007 by Kristi Saucerman, Auction Frogs is a leader in Online Auction technology. Auction Frogs web-based solutions reduces the time and hassle of executing a successful fundraising event, while simultaneously helping to increase the net revenue raised. Auction Frogs offers a range of products and services, including self-service and full-service auction management.

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