An Overview

Auction Frogs provides a web-based, full-featured, online event management solution that is simple and easy to use. We give organizations that are hosting fundraising events the ability to manage all fundraising activities of an event, host an online auction or use our mobile bidding technology through. .our. .web-based. .platform. .all. .in. .the. .same. .online. .environment.

Our online event management solution allows organizations to sell tickets to an event, manage table, and sponsorships sales, assign bid numbers to guests, promote silent and live auction items in an electronic catalog, print bid sheets, enter winning bids and purchases, invoice guests, email receipts, store and accept credit card payments and much more. We dedicate an experienced Auction Engineer. .to. .each. .client,. .and. .we. .even. .create. .custom. .designed. .sites!

The ideal client to benefit from these services are those organizations hosting gala event fundraisers, silent auctions at sporting events such as games and golf tournaments, annual donation pages, online auction fundraisers, bike races, 5k runs, as well as those needing to have independent event ticketing. .and. .manage. .registration.

Mobile Bidding Styles


Auto Bidding

Let the Auction Frogs Auto Bid system bid for your bidders! Easy and convenient, no need to keep coming back to the online auction to place another bid when out-bid! Your bidders can just enter their maximum desired bid limit and incremental bids will be placed on their behalf up to their max bid! After a bidder’s maximum bid is reached and their max is out-bid, they will be notified so that they can place a new Auto Bid or incremental bids.

Blane Russell

I have had the pleasure of using auction frogs for two separate non profits. They do an amazing job and the mobile bidding is cutting edge.

Charlene Carlberg

Auction Frogs has been an amazing company to work with on our online auction. This is my 4th time working with them on an auction for our schools and each time I am happy with the results. They have great people to work with on setting up the auction and fantastic support. there is a person from their team who works with you and answers all your questions and has great suggestions along the way. I look forward to using them again for our online auction.

US Bank United Way

.The Auction Frogs team was so amazing during our week long auction! Every time I emailed a question to Auction Frogs, they responded within minutes. Auction Frogs has been an integral piece to our fundraising efforts to benefit the United Way of Treasure Valley!.