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Online Auction Bidding Styles

Standard Bidding

Standard Bidding is just that, the standard. Those wishing to bid on an item place bids for the next minimum amount at that time. When they are outbid by another, they will receive an outbid notification by either email or text alerting them, and asking them to come back to place another bid.

Bid WarsTM

Bid WarsTM provides a unique opportunity to maximize online auction revenue. When an online auction closes, the winning bids go to the bidders who were lucky enough to place the last bid. Sometimes, those items are still well under value and may have gone for more given more time. With Bid WarsTM, if an item receives a bid during the final moments of the online auction, the item enters a “Bid War” and the close time for each item will be extended. Competition will only cease once no bids have been placed for 10 minutes.

Auto Bidding

Auto-Bidding allows the system bid for your bidders! Easy and convenient, no need to keep coming back to the online auction to place another bid when out-bid! Your bidders can just enter their maximum desired bid limit and incremental bids will be placed on their behalf up to their max bid! After a bidder’s maximum bid is reached and their max is out-bid, they will be notified so that they can place a new Auto Bid or incremental bids.