Procuring Great Auction Items

Silent auctions are a great way for non-profit organization to raise money for their cause, but how do you secure donated items to auction off? Having a great selection of items can make your auction a success so we here at Auction Frogs have compiled a guide to help you secure the best auction items!

  • Brainstorm. The first thing you should do is brainstorm with other decision makers in your organization to come up with the types of items you would like to have donated and then deciding who you can reach out to for those items.
  • Engage. Have your team members who are well-connected in your community to reach out to organizations and see if they would be willing to donate an item. Getting great items for your event is all about leveraging existing relationships. For instance, if someone on your team is well connected with the football community, ask them to reach out to the local football team to donate an item. You can discover the strengths of your team by having everyone make a list of their hobbies and interests and who in the community they are connected to.
  • Define. When contacting an organization about donating an item make sure you have a specific product in mind that you would like to have donated. Even if that item is not available or the organization is not willing to donate it they have a clear idea of what you are looking for and will be able to find something similar.
  • Target. This leads to the question .what type of items should we be asking for?. This all depends on your audience, so consider who will be attending your event and what types of items they would love to take home with them. If you know your attendees are interested in local art, reach out to theaters to secure tickets to the latest play. Also be aware of your audience.s budget, it will not benefit your organization to secure an expensive auction item such as a boat that no one has the budget to bid on.
  • Promote. Once you have secured items for your auction do not forget to promote them! You and your team put in a lot of time and effort to get great items for your auction. Showcase some of your best items online, through a catalog and through your social media sites to start building excitement. Remember, if you get lost or overwhelmed with the item procurement process, you can always reach out to Auction Frogs who will be more than happy to walk you through the process.

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