An Overview

Raise It Pro – the newest division of Auction Frogs, is a peer to peer model for raising money at the scholastic program and athletic team level in K-12 schools and club sports.

Raise It Pro offers a simple fundraising solution, allowing teammates, club members, or any other group to easily share a unique fundraising site through a URL to their friends, family, or any other potential donors, where they can easily and quickly give money to the cause. The coaches/administrators also have access to their own administrative site, where they can see the leaderboard for easy incentives, which players/members have sent how many emails, see reports, and also control what the donation site looks like.

A customizable campaign website will be provided by Raise It Pro, with the option to include a video and custom message for promotional purposes. All custom content can be managed by the campaign administrator, making content corrections, additions, and updates easy to perform.
Through the site, the Social Media channels will have a link option as well for promotion to help and achieve the team.s or club.s fundraising goals, as well as to get the word out!

Pricing is as follows: 14% +.30 per transaction No additional setup or merchant service fees apply.

Credit card payments and donated funds will be processed through Raise It Pro.s merchant account partner, ReadyPayGo, which allows for quick access to funds, as well as detailed transaction reports.

Raise It Pro allows groups to focus more time on the things they care about, while taking the stress out of expensive, difficult fundraisers, and instead using a fundraising platform that is simple, affordable, and measurable.