Recent Auction Success!

The past few months have been a whirlwind of fundraising activity! We are happy to say that many of our clients have seen some great success with their online auctions. Auction Frogs is proud to assist with the fundraising for these great organizations. Below are some highlights from our recent auctions:

St Marks ‘Paris on the Boise’ Online Auction:

  • Home page views – 9052
  • Grand total – $ 24,076.22


Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Online Auction and Gala Event:

  • Home page views – 2147
  • Grand total – $ 26,891.07


PS ’47’ Fundraiser for CMA Artists-In-Residency Program Online Auction:

  • Home page views – 5132
  • Grand total – $ 21,505.00


Auction Frogs would love to help your organization with your fundraising efforts, contact us today at (208) 321-5515 or check out our website at to speak with an Auction Specialist today!

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