Social Good Network Empowers Supporters to Turn Their Online Purchases Into Donation For Nonprofits

Online shopping is experiencing incredible growth for its convenience and selection. With the holiday shopping season upon us, nonprofits are discovering this offers a new fundraising opportunity and are partnering with Social Good Network, an innovative website that turns everyday online purchases into donations for your cause at no additional cost. heard of shop .til you drop. Well, this is more like shop .til you donate,. said Social Good Network CEO and Chief Do-Gooder Russ Stoddard.

Social Good Network partners with more than 375 major brand retailers to reward online shoppers and their favorite causes. The retailers include Amazon, Nordstrom, REI, Home Depot, Expedia, Best Buy, Macy.s, and the Gap, among hundreds of others.

Here.s how it works:

It.s free for nonprofits to participate. Sign up at and post a fundraising project. Posting a project is easy. You upload a video or photos, a small amount of descriptive copy, and set a fundraising goal. The process takes about 10 minutes.

Next, activate your supporters so they know they can shop on your behalf. This starts with your board, staff, families, volunteers and donors . and extends to your broader universe of influence. Use email blasts, short promotional videos, prominent placement on their website, and postings on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Direct your supporters to sign up for free at It.s fast and easy.

When your supporters shop online, they simply log in at Social Good Network, click on a retailer logo, then go to the retailer.s website and make their purchase.

The retailer pays Social Good Network a commission on this purchase, which averages about 5% of the price. Social Good Network enables the shopper to direct half of this to the nonprofit of their choice. And remember . there.s no extra cost to the shopper.

According to Forrester Research, the average American will spend $1,207 shopping online this year. That.s expected to grow to $1,738 by 2016. With a shopper earning roughly 2-3 percent on each purchase, you can see that just 500 supporters shopping on your behalf could earn you more than $15,000 each year.

If a nonprofit, it.s time to actively reach out to your online supporters and give them options to donate, advocate, and shop for your cause. And to all you online shoppers, why not make a difference for the causes you care about? It.s free and it doesn.t cost anything extra.

Social Good Network.s innovative online fundraising solutions and community connect nonprofits, individuals, and brands through social media, shopping, and everyday acts of goodness. It.s easy . join for free at Questions? Email to

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