Social Media Tools Clients Can Use To Up Their Fundraising Game

Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter don’t have to be intimidating. These valuable platforms are what push fundraising events closer to their goals and along the way bring supporters closer together. Here are some essential steps to take in preparation for your next event.

Posting Regularly 

Don’t let posts get lost in the algorithm, keep supporters engaged and share out information on a regular basis to best utilize  your social media accounts.

Scheduling posts on Facebook is made simple and user friendly from the Facebook website. Scheduling posts for other social media apps can either be done using specific paid services or drafts can be made ahead of time and posted manually by the account manager.

Switching to a Business Profile

Get to know your audience better with access to advanced analytics as a business profile on Instagram. Keep your organization’s Instagram account connected to your organization’s Facebook page and access information about your follower’s demographics, peak viewing times, and more.

Featuring Items

Highlight big-ticket items and generate excitement around no or low bid items by posting s photo, an impressive description and a link. It’s up to you how often you’ll highlight auction items but the key is to stay consistent and motivated.

Utilize editing applications like Adobe Spark, Canva and PicMonkey to make photos look sleek and brand standard.

Responding to Followers

Engage with your followers on social media by responding to relevant comments. Keeping a professional tone, staying positive and responding in a timely manner is important social media etiquette and leaves followers feeling connected and ready to participate in future events.

Facebook and Instagram Live

One touch from your phone can get you connected live to your social media followers. An easy way to share updates, reminders and info; Live video is a key tool used to keep supporters engaged. Even after the live video is done, you can save, share, and replay! Hear from directors, participants, supporters and more, at home, at an office or from a special location- impactful and time-efficient, Facebook Live and Instagram Live just might be the right tool for you.

Reupload and Replay Virtual Events

Connect with supporters after the event is over! Don’t let the fun from Virtual Events end after one hour, reupload and share out to keep supporters engaged. Direct viewers to remaining auction items and increase bids. Memories that will last forever online, rewatch years events after, and reminisce in the good times.

Share Text To Give

Our text to give campaign is an easy way to centralize traffic and direct supporters straight to your Online Auction. Avoid the clutter of links by texting a keyword to 22454. Anyone who clicks on the text to give a link has their number automatically registered. The administrative user then has the option to then send notifications to those registered numbers.

Host a Facebook Watch Party

Watch Virtual Events not with a few people, but with many! Hosting a Facebook watch party hits a lot of key bases that help organizations successfully meet fundraising goals. Boost engagement, enjoyment, and expand your viewing audience.

Access our Marketing and Graphing Design Packets

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