Spring Fundraising Ideas

  • FUN RUN/JOG-A-THON: Send out donation envelopes (pledge per lap or flat donation.) If pledge is per lap, it will require some follow up with writing letters asking for payment. Hand out bracelets to students every lap they make. It’s incentive and the kids love getting them and seeing them add up!
  • CASINO NIGHT: This is a fun way to get adults involved in fundraising. Pull out that old poker table and start raising money!
  • COOKIE DOUGH: Cookie dough is perfect no matter what the season! You can’t go wrong with such a delicious food.
  • BARBECUE: Involve the whole community by hosting a barbecue. Warm weather barbecues are always a winner and they are always delicious.
  • YARD SALE: It is time for spring cleaning! Encourage group members, parents, volunteers and community members to clean out their basements and garages and donate their fabulous finds to your yard sale.
  • FLOWER BULB SALE: Spring is a time when everyone is planning their new flower garden. Sell flower bulbs to encourage fun and colorful spring gardening!
  • SPIRIT WEAR FUNDRAISER: Spirit wear is any shirts, hats, and other apparel that is customized to your school. These not only spread school spirit but can help raise money for your school.

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