Themes to Jump Start Your Event

a fresh spin on

Whether it’s a throwback to ages past or an homage to your favorite flick, every organization and audience love a great auction theme they can get behind! But as many have experienced, it’s not that easy to put a new spin on a common theme. So, to help kick start those idea sessions in the new year, here’s a quick list of some of the most unique themes we’ve ever spotted:

Calling All Superheros: Infuse a little pop-culture into your event! Take it vintage with the comic book classics or modernize it with the latest in blockbuster movies! Having a masquerade party? Be sure to include a photo-op for all those masked men and women who attend!

Circus, Circus: Come one, come all to the greatest event on earth! For an event sure to be packed full of fun, take a cue from the big top showstoppers Barnum & Bailey and the Ringling Brothers. A perfect theme for a kid friendly event!

British Invasion: Going international? Get classy with James Bond if you’re looking to spice up your black tie affair. Those bright reds and royal blues are sure to make every moment pop! Comes complete with a music selection that is sure to get everyone dancing.

Secret Garden: Hosting an event outdoors in warmer climates? Add some whimsy and wonderment with twinkling lights for that magical touch! Need to stay out of the weather? Bring the green indoors and whisk your guests away to an enchanted garden of your own design!

On the Bayou: Out with Vegas and in with New Orleans! Try a stately Southern Steamboat approach to your casino night instead of the traditional scene from the Strip. A great opportunity to add some flare to your event’s music and cuisine with some down-south staples. Mardi Gras masks optional!

Come Fly with Me: It’s the 1950’s Golden Age of Travel and the glory years of Pan Am, full of lavish comfort and mid-century cool. Drop in a big band sound and some good libations to complete the adventure!

This is only the tip of the iceberg and the options are endless! Keep in mind the need to balance budget with design and practicality with fun. So take away from inspiration, dust off that imagination and get to brainstorming!



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